Standard Residential Key copies only for $1.39

Key Cutting Center

Self protection is an instinct that all human have from the nature. Lock and keys were invented thousands of years ago for self protection. Since then security level of the keys and locks are constantly developing and changing. Because of these changes there are hundreds of different key types available. Such as, standard residential keys, office keys, mailbox keys, restricted keys, automative keys, high security keys etc. Regular hardware stores only cut standard home keys, because different profile keys require more advanced key machines,t echnology and knowledge. Locksmith Philadelphia shop in center city is fully equipped with standard and more sophisticated high security key cutters. At Locksmith Philadelphia We cut all kind of keys Including Medeco and Mul-T-Lock high security keys, as well as keys for mail box ,office and Auto.

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We Cut All Kinds Of Keys

There are differences in standard keys as well, such as in the best known Shlage and Yale Keys. These keys come with different profiles,lengths and cuts or depths. we will assure you that Locksmith Philadelphia can cut all kinds of keys. Even if your key is very rare and we don't have the blank for it, we will ask you to drop it off for couple hours and we will make as many copies as you wish.

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Do Not Duplicate Key Cutting

There are keys labeled as "Do not Duplicate". Bring them in. We will duplicate for you. Our store is equipped with high security laser cut key machines. There are few locksmiths shops that work on high security laser cut or different angle Keys, such as Medeco or Mul-T-Lock. Those keys are usually Higher then standard keys. We will cut your keys with high quality machines for lowest price in the city.

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Guaranteed Keys

As all our product and labor is guaranteed, the same applies to our keys. If the keys that we cut don't work in the lock we will cut you more copies for free or give you the money back.

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