Commercial Locksmithing

All Type Commercial Locks

Locksmith philadelphia's staff is highly trained in commercial and industrial locks and hardware. We sell and install all brands and grades of locks. We are contracted with many big industrial companies throughout the city. Commercial accounts are always wellcomed. Please visit our store or give us a call for your free consultation. For our customers convenience we are available 24/7.

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Commercial Lock specifics

There are vast variety of commercial and industrial locks available and not necessarily everyone knows how to work on all of them. Technology continues to change and develop daily and we are trying to be up to date all the time. Locksmith Philadelphia can handle all kinds of repair or replacement from old skeleton Jimmy proof locks to most advanced intelligent locks and hardware. Are you a new store in the area and need store front locks changed? Had to let go old employee? Does your restaurant's back door or exit device need repair ? That is what we do all day every day. Give us a call and make an appointment in 20 minutes. Our work and hardware is Guaranteed.

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Rekey Or master Commercial locks

Re-keying of some commercial locks can be simple, while master keying of most of them can be challenging. Some commercial locks can be expansive, we offer you least expansive option re-keying, versus replacement. Locksmith Philadelphia can rekey any kind of lock high security to restricted locks, profile cylinders to angle key cylinders. We use Software that originates hundreds of different master key depths, and cut master keys with the worlds most accurate computerized HPC CodeMax machine, that makes 100% accurate cuts. With our knowledge and technology your locks will work as smooth as never before.

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Repair Commercial lever mechanism

Office buildings, schools and hospitals use industrial heavy lever locks with mechanism built in the door. Sargent and Yale are the biggest manufacturers of commercial lever mechanism locks. Without proper knowledge it is impossible to adjust,remove or re-install these mechanisms, without damaging the door. at the photo Zee is working on repair of the Sargent Lock mechanism. This lock was removed off the parking garage door due to its malfunction. Zee repaired in less then 2 hours and installed the lock back on the same day.

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Function Change, Adjustment or Repair Commercial Lock

With ought proper maintenance locks get easily loose or damaged. If you are experiencing some difficulties with your locks and doors let us know. we will remove the locks and diagnose, as well as repair the same day. If there are some parts missing from the old lock we can check if we can replace them for you. Keep in Mind that our work is insured and guaranteed.

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