Come Learn Who We Are

Giorgi's Uncle Bill, a Professional locksmith, started the business in 1971 in Main line area. Uncle Bill raised Giorgi by his side and taught all the skills and knowledge he had. After the death of Uncle Bill Giorgi took over the business. He went to Locksmith School to expand his knowledge. In 2012 Giorgi met his childhood friend Zee at the lock show in Baltimore MD, were Zee was presenting new locks for one of the American Lock Manifacturer that he worked for. That is were the idea to establish a Locksmith store was born. And now Giorgi and Zee continue their friendship and partnership in their locksmith Shop at 413 S 20th street, Philadelphia,PA,19146.

Gio Makharadze

Gio Makharadze

Giorgi is Professional Locksmith since 2006. He worked with his uncle Bill for over 5 years to learn the trade. Besides the Locksmith business Giorgi is trying to pursue his Bachelors Degree in Economics at Penn State University..


Zee Bagaturia

Zee is extremely handy professional. He is from old goldsmith family and he knows the technics how to repair broken tiny parts of any kind of lock. He also worked at lock factory for many years and has complete knowledge how locks function internally. At his free time he loves to make hand made keys of his own design.